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FIRM - Flood Insurance Rate Map

Each of the FIRM maps are scanned from originals obtained from FEMA and have in no way been edited or changed by anyone within Clinton County. They exist for review only, and are in no way to be considered final for there accuracy or merchantability. Please contact the Clinton County Engineers Office at 937-382-2078 with any questions.


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Misc. Information / Links:

FEMA Flood Plain Management Flood Map Modernization Program
National Flood Insurance Program Ohio DNR Floodplain Handbook
FEMA Map Service Center Ohio DNR - Flood Maps and Insurance Studies
Take Advantage of New Flood Plain Data - Article  



Maps Stamped with Effective Date of Sept. 16th, 1988

City of Wilmington Flood Map

Index of Panels                Index of Panels with data from GIS

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Panel 1 = 390764 0001 B
Panel 2 = 390764 0002 B
Panel 3 = 390764 0003 B
Panel 4 = 390764 0004 B
Panel 5 = 390764 0005 B
Panel 6 = 390764 0006 B
Panel 7 = 390764 0007 B
Panel 8 = 390764 0008 B

Village of Sabina PDF Map - Panel 3906270001B:

North        South


Click on the Panel Number below for a popup of the scanned FIRM map in PDF format.

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