Property Information Page

Property Information Page - Update Log

07-18-2016 Updated PDF reports and Property Owner database  
04-14-2016 Updated Map Office property owner database & PDF report  
03-01-2016 Updated Parcels and map office database reports and access database. Updated the geodatabase,  
01-04-2016 Added Archived Parcel Data, Map Office Property Database PDF Reports and Map Office Property Owner Access Database's links to this page  
10-14-2015 Updated the parcel data and the associated database.  
09-11-2015 Updated the parcel data, the database, the access database and the PDF Report.  
08-04-2015 Updated Map Office Property Owner Database & PDF Report  
03-02-2015 Updated Map Office Property Owner Database & PDF Report; created seperate folders for PDF Report & Access Database.  
02-24-2015 Updated Parcel Data Layer  
12-11-2014 Updated parcel data  
11-05-2014 Updated the Property Owner Database and accompanying PDF File report from the Map Department.  
07-07-2014 Updated parcels, parcels attribute database, the map office property owner database report in PDF and the map office property owner database in Microsoft access.  
06-03-2014 Updated all databases and text accordingly.  
04-24-2014 Updated the Map Office Databases 04-24-2014 & changed text accordingly.  
03-31-2014 Created the Property Information Page