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05-06-2015 Updated GIS Data, i.e. GridIndexes for each of these datasets to include hyperlinks to the PDF maps, HypLnk2015 field name in the table. Updated the Wilmington PDF Index map to match the text and structure of each of the other maps. Corrected the link to the PDF map folder for Sabina. Uploaded A thru M and N thru Y PDF map bundles and linked buttons to them.  
05-06-2015 Updated County-wide PDF maps, including the parcels used for their creation.  
05-05-2015 Updated Wilmington, Blanchester, Sabina, New Vienna and Clarksville data, excluding interactive maps as of this date.  
04-07-2014 Clipped out the Scanned book for 1995 into separate pages for the Township Maps, and added a link to the folders in which they are contained.  
02-13-2014 Added Update Log button, uploaded Blanchester 2014 PDF Maps, added index of the years on top of page with links to the years of available data.  
02-14-2014 Uploaded zipped bundles of PDF maps for 2014 Countywide A thru M and N thru Y  
02-18-2014 Added screenshots for buttons on the Plat Books 1999 1995 1989 and 1928. Updated the Interactive map for the 2014 Map Book Hyperlinks to include municipalities Blanchester New Vienna and Sabina (Wilmington thru 2009). Uploaded Sabina and New Vienna PDF Map Books. Added 2009 interactive map for New Vienna and Blanchester. The grid used for Sabina was different in 2009 than what was used in earlier years, and Port William fits nicely on one sheet. Added text description to cell underneath the buttons on top of the page.