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Contours and Elevation Data in CAD

 Each AutoCAD drawing file by tile has been made available for download. Each drawing file (in AutoCAD 2007) contains LiDAR points, 2-foot contours, and breaklines that were used to create the contours.

Users of ArcView will be able to use this dwg data, and AutoCAD users will obviously be able to use this data. Since it is in version 2007 of AutoCAD, there may be translation issues.

Below is a screenshot of ArcView 9.2 viewing an AutoCAD drawing file, Tile Name A655512.

Features that are of the most interest will be

  -  Points which are elevation points, made up of Spot Elevations, DTM which were derived from LiDAR, and Spot Elevations which are placed  through compilation.

  -  Annotation which is labeling of the Index contour lines and the spot elevation points.

 -  Polylines which consists of Breaklines, Contour Index lines, Contour Intermediate lines, Contour Intermediate Depression lines, and Spot Elevation lines. The Spot Elevation lines is simply an "X" over top of the Spot Elevation point.


Embedded Interactive Map:


After clicking on the tile of choice, Click on the "More info" text to download the CAD Data

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Click Below to use Google Earth as the front end to download Contour Data in CAD File Format: