Aerial Photography Page

Aerial Photography Page - Update Log

09-12-2017 Addedd hyperlink from NAIP text to the NAIP web page  
09-12-2017 Addedd home for 2017 Summer NAIP imagery  
07-13-2016 Added information and data for the 2016 Imagery  
05-18-2016 Addedd info for 2016 imagery.  
04-15-2016 Addedd Marquee information on availability of 2016 imagery.  
01-19-2016 Added 2015 NAIP Link to download 250 MB version, and coverasge area PDF map.
07-22-2015 Added MrSID of Caesar Creek Park area aerial photography for download, as well as the PDF Index Map and the shapefile for the Grid Index itself.  
05-20-2014 Added link to an interactive map that provides points that contain hyperlinks to screenshots of our NEW 2014 Aerial Photography.  
04-22-2014 Added data and info for sample1 photography flown on 03-30-2014. Added the SID alone with world file AND the SID and world file as a compressed file.  
03-31-2014 Updated Banner to read AP was flown 03-30-2014